Comunica Foundation deals with:

  • Studies, analysis and research to examine in depht topical themes related to communicationespecially from the point of view of the enterprise.
  • Development and dissemination of data and marketing studies to report the communication day by day.
  • Update and information about everything that makes the news in the world communication industry.
  • Events open to the public to promote a new culture of communication.
  • Close focus groups, to allow those who are called to serve in positions of responsibility to share its thoughts and find new insights and opportunities for growth.
  • Training oppotunities for communications professionals.
  • Seminars for entrepreneurs and managers who want to bring the world of communication to seize new growth potential staff and their company.
  • Training for youth oriented to work in the field of communication.
  • Promotion of scholarships, awards and competitions to support research.
  • Content development and integrated projects with new technological tools of communication.